Rugby World Cup Tickets

Rugby World Cup Tickets

The Rugby World Cup is the biggest rugby Union tournament for the International teams. Whilst the 6 Nations and Tri Nations are hugely popular and important in their own right this tournament which takes place every 4 years is the biggest.

The 2015 tournament takes place in England and Wales with games split between the 2 countries. The opening ceremony and the final will both take place at Twickenham in London as well as the semi-finals.
Tickets for this year;s tournament sold faster than anticipated by the organisers and let many fans who applied via the ballot disappointed. The biggest demanded tickets were the home Nations of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland but also the Australia and New Zealand games proved popular.
The tournament is held over 6 weeks with games being played at weekends at various venues and cities.

Official Tickets

Unless your purchased the tickets either through the balloting system or when they went on sale then purchasing them officially is now unlikely. The ticket exchange which has been set up can be found here:

My Recommended Website for Tickets

Rugby World Cup

Secondary Market

Whilst the local authorities and organisers tried to ban the resale of tickets just as was the case with the Olympics the campaign was unsuccessful and therefore this resulted in a number of new websites appearing selling tickets for tickets that had not even been allocated. This is often known as speculation selling in which companies will gamble on the price of the tickets and sell prior to having them confirmed or in possession.

Outside the World Cup Stadiums.

Without shadow of a doubt, outside every stadium across the tournament there will be many street ticket touts buying and selling tickets.
As with all major events, purchasing tickets on the street increases the risk of fraud and losing money. My advice would be to purchase online from a recommended seller which guarantees your tickets and also delivers them prior to game day. Whilst you will often pay a slightly increased price as opposed to the street, there is zero risk of losing money if you purchase with a safe ticket seller.

Rugby World Cup


These forums are the same as purchasing the tickets from a complete stranger. Do you really want to risk handing over hundreds of pounds to somebody that you have just met through a free classified ads company. Is the risk worth it that much to purchase the tickets.

With some of the games being sold for well in excess of £500 each the risk of fraudulent copies of tickets is extremely high. In under no circumstances

  1. Send anyone money.
  2. Deposit money in a strangers account.
  3. Transfer money. 

Whilst you may think that you have a bargain, this is often a scam. The sellers can easily set a profile up, respond to emails and change a number. They often state that they cannot meet face to face as they are working on the other side of the country, the excuses are always similar.

Ask to see the confirmation of the tickets and always compare the purchase tickets with those that you know are to be genuine.