England Rugby Union Tickets

England Rugby Union Tickets

England Six Nations 2017 Fixtures List

Saturday 11th February 2017

Sunday 26th February 2017

Saturday 11th March 2017

Saturday 18th March 2017

International Rugby is a fantastic sport and one of the biggest teams in the world is England. Based at the fantastic 80,000 Twickenham stadium just outside of London, this is arguably the home of Rugby.

Tickets for all England games are always in huge demand as rugby fans from all over the country want to attend. For major games such as the 6 Nations tickets are never available for the general public to purchase, they are nearly always set aside for Ballots to the many rugby clubs around England.

In order to get the tickets directly from the RFU then first you should join your local rugby club and inquire about the quantity of tickets that they receive for England games.

Getting to a game

Aside from Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium is the biggest ground in the UK and one in which all rugby fans love to attend.

Whilst the Stadium is located in an area with many houses the authorities do a fantastic job of arranging the large crowds on game day. The main transport route which is recommended is the Railway Station. Trains from London Waterloo arrive at every 10-15 minuted during peak times.


Outside Twickenham Stadium

As with all major events taking place across the UK, there will always be local Ticket Touts buying and selling tickets, Twickenham is no different.

Whilst I would not recommend purchasing a ticket for several hundred pounds on the street, the high presence of Police in the area normally means that 99.9% of the tickets sold are genuine. The general advice would be to purchase them beforehand, this ensures you have peace of mind that not only do you have a genuine ticket but also if there is any unlikely event that there is any problems then you will get a refund.

My Recommended Websites

Purchasing England rugby tickets can be a difficult process, too many websites, who to trust, who has the best prices. My advice would be to use either of the following websites.

These are highly recommended and I have yet to receive a single complaint from anyone using them.

Twickenham Stadium Information can be found on the official website here.