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6 Nations – England v France Tickets

6 Nations – England v France Tickets

Six Nations England v France 2017

Match Date: Saturday 4th February 2017

Stadium: Twickenham Stadium, London

Kick Off Time: 4:50pm

England and France will match up in the opening weekend of the 2017 Six Nations tournament. This will take place at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday 4th February.

England completed their first Grand Slam in 13 years with a 31-21 victory over France in the 2016 Championship.

With this being only 1 of a handful of games at the home of rugby Twickenham demand for tickets is high.
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6 Nations Tickets

6 Nations Tickets

This tournament is arguably the biggest tournament on yearly basis for rugby union in the northern hemisphere.  The best teams from across Europe play each other to be crowned 6 nations Champions. Each year the location of the game alternates in which the home team one year is the away year the subsequent year. 

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Outside 6 Nations Stadiums

Every stadium in the Six Nations tournament will have local ticket sellers outside. We have detailed information on every stadium under each country section.

Local Classified Websites

Each country has their own particular forums and classified ads websites which all have their own advantages as well as their risks. Each year hundreds of people fall victim to scams which take place purely from adverts placed on these classified websites. The method is simple, an advert is place with tickets that are lower than the current market value. The scam usually works by the victim sending money to the supposed seller without every meeting them or even seeing the tickets. My advice is to never send anyone money for tickets that you cannot visually see, the chances are the tickets will be fake.

The scammers will tell you whatever you believe for you to send them money, please don’t do this.

Official Tickets

Each nation in the 6 Nations tournament has different methods of selling tickets, Italy for example has a different system of selling official tickets than England. Most games in the tournament sell out weeks before the event but there are always some tickets for the games with a lower demand than others. Fixtures between 2 major teams are always sold-out as the demand always is higher than supply.

See above for individual nation ticket selling processes.

RBS Six Nations Championship

2017 Six Nations fixtures

Tickets for all 6 Nations games available here at Safe Rugby Tickets. 

How to Buy Six Nations Rugby Tickets

Getting tickets to Six Nations rugby matches can be extremely difficult because of the high demand of most of the matches.  The biggest matches of the tournament are usually between England v Wales and  England v Ireland with both these games selling out months in advance

Which Fans gets the tickets?

The Rugby Union of each country distribute the tickets between members, rugby clubs and local schools. Season ticket holders of Rugby clubs are normally offered the first choice for tickets to the 6 nations.

England and Wales Rugby Union offer debenture tickets which allow for fans to purchase tickets for several years.

Sponsors of the Six Nations tournament also receive a high amount of tickets for each of the games which they can distribute freely.

Can the General Public purchase Six Nations tickets?

There is a couple of matches in the tournament that allow for the general public to directly purchase tickets. We at Safe Rugby Tickets have described each of the 6 unions:
England Rugby Football Union (RFU): All three England matches for the 2017 Six Nations against Italy, Scotland and France are not yet on sale. More information will be posted here.

The RFU usually give priority of tickets to its members and rugby schools located around England. If any games remain then they are usually sold to members of the England Rugby Supporters Club, before any remaining are sold via the RFU’s official eTicketing website.

French Rugby Federation (FFR): France will play against Scotland and Wales at Home at the Stade de France.

When tickets  for France’s games eventually go on sale they will be sold via the FFR’s official ticketing website.

Scottish Rugby Union (SRU):  The 2017 Six Nations Championship will be played against Ireland, Wales and Italy. Tickets for these games are expected to go on general sale to the public.

Welsh Rugby Union (WRU): Tickets for the home games for the 6 Nations 2017 tournament against Wales and Scotland.

Ireland Rugby Football Union (IRFU): Ireland will play two home matches in the 2017 Six Nations Championship England and France and England
These tickets are also distributed to Rugby clubs around Ireland and schools affiliated to the IRFU. The next group of people that get tickets are offered to is the Irish Rugby Supporters Club.

Italian Rugby Federation (FIR): Italy will play three home matches in the 2017 Six Nations, against Ireland, Wales and France. for official information about Italy’s Six Nations ticket sales.

Where can Six Nations tickets be purchased?

There are many different websites selling 6 nations tickets for all the games. We do recommend the following websites though, these offer the most secure and guaranteed tickets to these events. These are our top choices for your ticket purchases.

vgo 6 Nations5stars** 100% Guarantee on all 6 Nations Tickets
6 Nations
2LF5stars99.5%hong kong sevens

More information about tickets for individual teams can be found on their respective pages

England Rugby Union Tickets

England Rugby Union Tickets

England Six Nations 2017 Fixtures List

Saturday 11th February 2017

Sunday 26th February 2017

Saturday 11th March 2017

Saturday 18th March 2017

International Rugby is a fantastic sport and one of the biggest teams in the world is England. Based at the fantastic 80,000 Twickenham stadium just outside of London, this is arguably the home of Rugby.

Tickets for all England games are always in huge demand as rugby fans from all over the country want to attend. For major games such as the 6 Nations tickets are never available for the general public to purchase, they are nearly always set aside for Ballots to the many rugby clubs around England.

In order to get the tickets directly from the RFU then first you should join your local rugby club and inquire about the quantity of tickets that they receive for England games.

Getting to a game

Aside from Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium is the biggest ground in the UK and one in which all rugby fans love to attend.

Whilst the Stadium is located in an area with many houses the authorities do a fantastic job of arranging the large crowds on game day. The main transport route which is recommended is the Railway Station. Trains from London Waterloo arrive at every 10-15 minuted during peak times.


Outside Twickenham Stadium

As with all major events taking place across the UK, there will always be local Ticket Touts buying and selling tickets, Twickenham is no different.

Whilst I would not recommend purchasing a ticket for several hundred pounds on the street, the high presence of Police in the area normally means that 99.9% of the tickets sold are genuine. The general advice would be to purchase them beforehand, this ensures you have peace of mind that not only do you have a genuine ticket but also if there is any unlikely event that there is any problems then you will get a refund.

My Recommended Websites

Purchasing England rugby tickets can be a difficult process, too many websites, who to trust, who has the best prices. My advice would be to use either of the following websites.

These are highly recommended and I have yet to receive a single complaint from anyone using them.

Twickenham Stadium Information can be found on the official website here.

Hong Kong Sevens Tickets

Hong Kong Sevens Tickets

2016 HSBC Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. 

They have staff in Hong Kong now ready to deliver your tickets. 

The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is the biggest yearly sporting event in Hong Kong. The atmosphere of the weekend is like no other sporting event in the world and truly is a big party.

The Hong Kong Stadium is the location of all the Sevens tournament, the capacity is 40,000.

The tournament consists of 24 national sides with 16 teams being members of the IRB Sevens World Series, plus a further eight invited teams.

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go to HK 7s
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UPDATE: Tickets for this Weekend are in very high demand. With this I would only recommend these.


Official Tickets

As this is the biggest event in Hong Kong tickets sell out fast for the full weekend, however whilst it is SOLD Out there are always safe ways of getting tickets for this rugby tournament.

Hong Kong Sevens tickets are always first assigned to all Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU) Member Clubs and HKRFU. If you are a member of these clubs then you have an higher chance and priority of getting tickets.

Whilst this may ensure tickets are difficult for international visitors, this method is to try to grow the sport of boxing in Hong Kong.

As many British and Irish ExPats live in Hong Kong, they are also able to purchase tickets by entering a ballot system.

Secondary Market

In previous years there have been many reports of tickets being sold on the secondary market and them either being invalid tickets or them actually not being delivered on time.

These experiences mean that now Hong Kong Sevens tournament fans have to ensure that they use safe and secure ticket websites to get tickets.

Outside The Hong Kong Stadium

Many fans who have been to the tournament will have seen that there are always ticket touts outside The Hong Kong stadium selling passes and tickets for entrance into the venue.

We have not received any information or feedback stating anything negative about the ticket touts. Our first recommendation would be to purchase the tickets from one of our safe sellers 

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to enjoy the rugby sevens and one which we fully recommend. For safe Sevens tickets in Hong Kong then use our trusted ticket suppliers for reasonable and competitive prices.

Whilst the Sevens are played around the world the hong kong sevens is arguably the best with fans from around the world attending making this truly a fantastic atmosphere. In order to get tickets then use our ticket service to get your seat and be part of the action.


Rugby World Cup Tickets

Rugby World Cup Tickets

The Rugby World Cup is the biggest rugby Union tournament for the International teams. Whilst the 6 Nations and Tri Nations are hugely popular and important in their own right this tournament which takes place every 4 years is the biggest.

The 2015 tournament takes place in England and Wales with games split between the 2 countries. The opening ceremony and the final will both take place at Twickenham in London as well as the semi-finals.
Tickets for this year;s tournament sold faster than anticipated by the organisers and let many fans who applied via the ballot disappointed. The biggest demanded tickets were the home Nations of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland but also the Australia and New Zealand games proved popular.
The tournament is held over 6 weeks with games being played at weekends at various venues and cities.

Official Tickets

Unless your purchased the tickets either through the balloting system or when they went on sale then purchasing them officially is now unlikely. The ticket exchange which has been set up can be found here:

My Recommended Website for Tickets

Rugby World Cup

Secondary Market

Whilst the local authorities and organisers tried to ban the resale of tickets just as was the case with the Olympics the campaign was unsuccessful and therefore this resulted in a number of new websites appearing selling tickets for tickets that had not even been allocated. This is often known as speculation selling in which companies will gamble on the price of the tickets and sell prior to having them confirmed or in possession.

Outside the World Cup Stadiums.

Without shadow of a doubt, outside every stadium across the tournament there will be many street ticket touts buying and selling tickets.
As with all major events, purchasing tickets on the street increases the risk of fraud and losing money. My advice would be to purchase online from a recommended seller which guarantees your tickets and also delivers them prior to game day. Whilst you will often pay a slightly increased price as opposed to the street, there is zero risk of losing money if you purchase with a safe ticket seller.

Rugby World Cup


These forums are the same as purchasing the tickets from a complete stranger. Do you really want to risk handing over hundreds of pounds to somebody that you have just met through a free classified ads company. Is the risk worth it that much to purchase the tickets.

With some of the games being sold for well in excess of £500 each the risk of fraudulent copies of tickets is extremely high. In under no circumstances

  1. Send anyone money.
  2. Deposit money in a strangers account.
  3. Transfer money. 

Whilst you may think that you have a bargain, this is often a scam. The sellers can easily set a profile up, respond to emails and change a number. They often state that they cannot meet face to face as they are working on the other side of the country, the excuses are always similar.

Ask to see the confirmation of the tickets and always compare the purchase tickets with those that you know are to be genuine.